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Poggio alla Croce is a small company with a distinctly traditional mold. It is a relatively young company that has made the tradition of organic culture its flagship. It is located in Radda in Chianti, one of the historic towns of Chianti Classico, in a very sunny hilly area between 500 and 600 meters above sea level. 

The wines of Poggio alla Croce show all the energy of the brothers constantly in search of stylistic elegance, which can already be guessed from the label: a geometric stylization of the hills with cypresses. The three children, following the path already traced by their parents, took the reins of the company, becoming part of the tradition of the Gallo Nero area and always allowing themselves the pleasure of experimenting. The new generation manages the cellar and the vineyard with the aim of enhancing the wine and its terroir through an unmistakable style that is as consistent as possible with the single grape variety.  


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Born in 1989, Alessandro is the cellarman and winemaker. He decides when to carry out the harvest, the pumping over and decanting in the cellar, the choice of the various cuts and the refinement. He is experienced and courageous, he is not afraid to sacrifice bunches when he realizes that they are not suitable for harvesting. For him, what matters is the aroma, taste and appearance of the grapes, which must always be healthy, ripe and luxuriant. Raised in contact with nature and in the open air, he has been passionate about the agricultural world since he was a child. After earning the AIS Sommelier diploma for passion and the title of agricultural expert, he began his work in the family business bringing all his technical skills. 


Riccardo, the middle brother is the commercial manager as well as the first taster. To him goes the first taste of a wine that must be bottled. For them, the opinion of consumers is fundamental and for this reason they are the first to judge and to test themselves. He also grew up among vines and olive groves, following the business dynamics has always been his role. Riccardo likes to eat and drink well, so who better than him can be in charge of quality control? Today Riccardo is operationally in charge of the company, as well as of the spread of organic viticulture. 

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As part of the agricultural sector, we are completely dependent on what surrounds us, just as it depends on us. This is why we grow our products in an organic and sustainable way.



Lorenzo, the cellarman assistant, is the youngest of the three brothers. Vineyards have been his favorite game since he was 14. He knows how to prune, treat and weave them. He takes care of them and loves them with such attention and experience as to be the envy of the most experienced winemakers, with whom he is always ready to confront. His willpower and determination are the most distinctive traits of his personality. He was also responsible for the pruning of the olive trees. He climbs, cuts the driest branches, takes care of the sick ones and during the harvesting phase, he makes sure that the olives are not crushed; subjected to thermal stress and that they are preserved in the best way before pressing in the mill. 


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